About Sandwichcraft

Sandwichcraft was created to provide a different food experience for street truck foodies in the local communities we serve. Our culinary approach is rooted in traditional recipes with a creative twist to deliver a unique hot sandwich that comforts your food soul. We strive to source our provisions locally from local purveyors in the crafting of your sandwiches. Our preparation is from scratch utilizing fresh proteins, artisan breads and locally grown vegetables. Our sides and desserts are unique and packed with flavor. We are here in the community giving back through our time, efforts, and actions.

My culinary influences have come from growing up on a farm in the Midwest where a garden provided nearly everything we needed. A meal didn’t go by without a fresh from scratch dessert. Our working dairy provided an enviable amount of fresh unpasteurized milk and cream daily. Wild strawberries, asparagus, blackberries, rhubarb, morel mushrooms, and transparent apples were abundant in the spring and fall. I learned to cook and bake at my mother’s side.

Small farming communities always had a cafe, coffee shop or rural tavern where their specialty sandwich was at the center of their menu. Standing and waiting for a counter seat to open at Case’s Sandwich Shop was like winning the lottery. I went on to cook in private and corporate owned restaurants in Illinois, California, and Arizona in the 70’s and 80’s.

Growing up in the Midwest I developed a passion for fishing and hunting which broadened my interest in cooking proteins, butchery, and charcuterie. I have followed those passions and interests with friends and family here in the west for the last 30+ years. After leaving an amazing 20 year run in corporate leadership in 2019, I returned to the culinary space in Pasadena California at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). My love for my family, food, hospitality, and the culinary culture have led me to create Sandwichcraft.

Come and enjoy our efforts!

Randy Longmire Owner/Operator

Local Provisions from Local Proveyers

High Quality Local Wholesale Bakery

All Natural, Free Range and Grass Fed

Laid Fresh Daily Since 1944